New Project - Bishop Chitemo Primary School

Bishop Chitemo Church Primary School was started in Berega in 2011: the vision was that by establishing an excellent English Medium school the staff at the hospital would be happy to continue working at the hospital, knowing that their children would have a good education and be able to progress to Secondary School when they were older.

The School has been very successful: in the recent examinations the school’s senior class came in the top couple of places out of the 162 primary schools in the Kilosa District, and there are now 174 children in the school – near to full capacity. The school is fee-paying (the tuition fees are £200 per year), but there are 37 children whose parents are poor and whose children need to be sponsored. 25 of these children have sponsors (mainly from USA because in the past there were several American volunteers teaching at the school and they got some sponsors from among their friends.) So currently there are 12 children who need sponsors, and we expect this number to rise as younger brothers and sisters from these families join the school and as we become aware of other families where circumstances have changed. For these children BREAD is setting up a Sponsorship Scheme here in the UK. 

More info to follow soon.

Recent Projects

  • Bursaries for 3 local students to attend the School Of Nursing At Berega (SONAB).
  • Grant to purchase drugs for the hospital.
  • Small grant to start a micro finance initiative in the village.
  • Diesel generator for the hospital.
  • 3 wells around the village.
  • 3 rainwater harvesting tanks in the hospital.
  • Hospital Infusion Room refurbishment.
  • Medical equipment for caesarean section and laparotomy operations

Previous Projects


BREAD has been involved in a number of projects and the purchase of equipment at the hospital for the benefit of patients and staff. All projects are driven by specific needs and agreed with the Hospital Director and Diosesan Board. Below is an example of the sort of things we have made grants for:

  • TB Ward Renovation
  • Operating Theatre lights
  • Autoclave sterilizer for theatre
  • Fridges for Drug Store
  • Hospital Safe
  • Solar Power for Staff House
  • Laptop for Hospital Director
  • Computer for Hospital Administrator
  • Juda Ward Renovation
  • Samaria Ward Renovation
  • Staff Medical training
  • HIV Centre constructio
  • Maternity Waiting Home construction
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Staff housing renovation

Lay Training Centre

As part of our desire to see the Christian message shared throughout the region surrounding Berega, BREAD is happy to have made grants for the following projects:

  • Solar Power for LTC Principle's House
  • 3 Bedroom Staff House
  • Bathroom and Toilet block for original student accomodation
  • Re-roofing of student accomodation block with rain collection guttering and tank
  • Additional Student Accommodation Blocks with Bathroom


We are proud to have been able to play a very small part in bringing help to the children, Binti's (volunteer helpers, usally family of the orphans) and staff. Here are some of the ways we have done that, through grants for:

  • Solar Power at the Orphanage
  • Major renovation of the Orphanage
  • Construction of Classroom and Office
  • Construction of Staff House in conjuction with Merland Rise Church

SONAB -School of Nursing At Berega

This is an exciting new venture for the hospital started in 2010 and BREAD was glad to provide grants for:

  • Nursing School start-up funding
  • Lap Tops for student training


BREAD is convinced that it is vital that we work closely with the local Church in all aspects of our work in Berega. We are also delighted to have heped the Church itself in a small way with a grant for:

  • Church Hall Cupboards

Famine Relief

When the rains fail it often results in serious famine. This has a knock on effect for the following season as there is no seed for planting. With the generosity of its Donors BREAD has been able make grants for the purchase of maize flour for the immediate relief of famine and seed for the next seasons planting.


The construction of the Kindergarten was sponsored by Merland Rise Church from Tadworth in Surrey, England. Although BREAD has not yet made any grants to the Kindergarten yet we will work with the Church and consider requests as and when required.